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Certified letters had to be used in that situation to ensure receipt of all materials time sheets included.

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Pictures from all of the activations will be hosted on Google Photos: KNSg Qpys6A Something to consider as we all gear up for Field Day tomorrow. Or as Robert Burns put it, “The best-laid plans of mice and men go of awry” — but he was only partly right. When plans meet the real world, it’s not the real world that will yield to your plan; you much adapt whatever you’re doing to the circumstances truly at hand. There is a racers’ expression, “Get you head out of the boat.” In other words, while it’s good to gather data from your instruments (wind speed, boat speed, compass direction, etc.), all of that matters only in relation to whatever else is happening on the race course — other boats, areas of lighter or heavier wind, and so on.In fact, project managers have a phrase that encapsulates this problem.“Ready, fire, aim” is PM-speak for the failure to plan. In an emergency, often you must respond immediately, in a project as well as in life.Right now the only contest module I have available is the Ohio State Parks On the Air 2016. I may release the Ohio QSO Party 2016 module in the next week. The biggest improvement is that the rest of the contest modules will be much easier to write and maintain going forward. I had texted my friend Denny (KC8RPV) to find me a nice quiet frequency on 40m while I got setup.When everything was ready, I called and he replied.

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