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It also offers phone calls, texts and pre-recorded video messages.

Users can customise their different chats with an array of colours and can respond to messages with simple emoji reactions.

You do need to provide an alternative email address and phone number, but neither of these were checked when we registered.

It is also very easy to call someone by mistake if you are clicking on their Contact information to remove or block them, so take care.

You can block or report someone on Skype but they don't make it easy. Skype pretty much offers what you need to keep in touch, much of it free. You can get a subscription from the UK for mobiles and landlines from £1.20 a month or there is the pay-as-you-go option with calls to mobiles 9.1p/min and 2.1p/min for landlines.

There is no report button to click on while making a call and no obvious link. Desktop: Sign in and click on Contacts in the side menu and then, to the right, click Skype. Right-click the contact’s name (on a Mac, ctrl click) and choose Block… Go to People, tap and hold the contact you’d like to block. You can also gift Skype credit to other users, this is a pay-as-you-go option.

We managed to call someone we were trying to block when we tested it.

Click this if you wish to alert Skype to the user’s actions. So young users in particular need to keep this in mind and not say or do anything they wouldn’t want their friends or parents to find out about.

Mobile (OS): Go to Search at the top of the screen and tap on the contact’s name you’d like to block. Because Skype is unmoderated, there is nothing to stop adults meeting children on other sites and then exchanging details to move to Skype to communicate with children.

There is also nothing to stop young children creating their own Skype account at any age as there is no minimum age required to set up an MSA.

In order for read receipts to work, the people you're chatting with will also need to be running the latest Skype Preview build as well.

Finally, for those who are uncomfortable with sending read receipts, you can disable the feature from the "Privacy" section of the settings menu.

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