Slave chatbot sonos updating music index

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It uses different personalities to interact with different users based on who the user is (Male/Female, Young/Old etc…) also handles profiles like different kinds of professionals, nationalities including individual personalities.

Integration Services: Retrieval based bot uses integration services to collect information from external systems, services or databases.

An intelligent bot should be able to perceive its environment, make decisions, execute actions and even predict a user’s needs.

While legacy speech recognition systems understood what people say, today’s sophisticated natural language processing systems understand what people mean and want to do.

Intelligent bot is not just a single machine learning model but is an integrated set of various AI components which facilitate different intelligence functions.

The proposed intelligent bot framework is made up of three main building blocks; conversational intelligence, cognitive intelligence and intelligent authentication as detailed below.he purpose of this article is to introduce a framework and reference architecture that brings together and describes different ideas and approaches to design an intelligent chatbot.We will start by reviewing the proposed intelligent chatbot framework that revolves around conversational intelligence, cognitive intelligence and intelligent authentication, all within an omni channel strategy.The aforesaid analysis models can also be used to determine the user’s age and sex that can help to improve managing the conversation, provide a human touch and augment user experience.AI Services: Information Extractor is an AI model that helps retrieve information from unstructured data sources like documents, big data, and knowledge base including online document sources like Wikipedia and rank it based on confidence level.

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