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She was inspired by a girl named Hydeia Broadbent, who survived full blown AIDS back in 1989, when drug therapy was unheard of.

Broadbent Jurnee and Hydeia work with various institutions like Black AIDS Institute, Red Cross, and many more.

She was next to join the Smollett family after her elder brother Jojo.

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He came back to the industry in with the television show Smollett family have been conducting the campaign for civil rights.All of them are American actors, producers and musicians famous from the name Jussie, Jake, Jazz, Jocqui, Jo Jo and Jurnee Smollett. The couple was having a great relationship with each other and kids.But, their relationship came to an end after the death of the family head.Not surprisingly, some people want to know: Is Jussie Smollett gay in real life, or does Jussie simply play a gay character on Fox’s After researching the status of Jussie’s sexual preference in real life, this journalist discovered it’s not an easy question to answer.There haven’t been found any definitive statements from Jussie Smollett stating, “Yes, I am gay.” And it’s not good to assume that simply because a guy plays a gay character on TV that he’s gay in real life.

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