Soda can dating

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“And Bessemer City is a town of about 5,000, so when someone new is in town, everyone knows it.I went back to the drugstore after I saw her at the bank and called her up.” She turned him down for a Friday night date. Undeterred, he devised a foolproof plan: He would call her at 9 p.m. If she didn’t answer, he would know she had concocted a story to avoid him. “She answered,” Andy says, “so I knew she’d really had plans with her family.” They’ve been married almost 27 years.“If there’s a news van downtown, we’ll get a call asking why it’s there.It’s the center of the town, where everyone gets together and gossips.” Sometimes, Central does more than just provide a venue for gossip. Everyone in Bessemer City eventually passes through these doors.Kids earn their first paycheck here; Robby hires two high school students every summer, and it’s the most sought-after job in town.The counter buzzes with activity every afternoon after school.“We can teach the people we hire the elements of the business. But right now, the 88-year-old has to go mow his lawn.We can’t teach them that spirit of customer service if they don’t have it already.” The job is also a legitimate training ground — seven of the summer employees have eventually gone to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to become pharmacists. Slide a photo in front of him, and he’ll tell you not only who is pictured, but where it was taken and what eventually happened to that building. “I cheat a little,” he says, almost apologetically.

Robby’s brother, Andy, also grew up around the store.

I’m glad there hasn’t been a reason to, and in terms of taking Michelle Obama’s We Go High Route, it’s probably not the best move.

I just think it’s such a glamorous and unnecessarily dramatic “F-you” that I’d like to experience before I die. The old Hollywood to have the opportunity, no way would I have the right drink in hand. Here’s my thought process: Prosecco is cute in theory but you can only drink from a fluted glass one of two ways: 1) really dramatically where your head tilts back to get the liquid in or 2) to avoid the dramatic pour-down-the hatch, you have to tuck your whole face back and it makes everyone look like a double-chinned turtle. Here’s the thing, though: the glass is impossible to drink from without spilling.

Somewhere in the middle, you can find out most anything that’s happening in Bessemer City.

“If a fire truck goes down the street, people call the drugstore to ask what’s going on,” says Jeremy Will, who worked at Central Drug for parts of nine years.

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