Sonos updating music index

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Once the desktop application was configured properly, it took a few minutes for the software to index the contents of my i Tunes library and make my music available to the Sonos controllers.

Those who are familiar with the Sonos system understand that when you add new music to your library you also have to update the index before the Sonos sytem can play the new tracks -- and that means every time you add new music.

My colleague, Dan Frakes, has previously reviewed the original Sonos Digital Music System and the Sonos Zone Player 80.

In the first review you'll learn the nuts and bolts of what makes the Sonos systems work.

Beyond that ticking, let's look at what's recently happened with the Sonos Multi-Room Music System.

My setup The review units sent by Sonos included the 9 Sonos Bundle 150 With Free Charging Cradle (this budle includes the 9 Zone Player 120, the 9 Zone Player 90, the 9 Sonos Controller CR100 hardware, and charging cradle for the controller), the Zone Bridge wireless bridge, and the 9 Sonos SP100 bookshelf speakers.

A quick search of Sonos' Web site revealed that on a Mac running Leopard you have to switch on SMB sharing in the File Sharing section of the Sharing system preference.

i Tunes playlists must have 40,000 or fewer total entries in all your playlists.

They include its simple design and ease of use--getting the Sonos system set up and packed with music is mostly a cinch (I'll indicate where it isn't later).

It's also easy to access audio files stored on computers and storage devices on your local network as well as listen to streaming audio from such sources as terrestrial radio, Internet-hosted podcasts, Rhapsody and Napster subscription music services, the Pandora and music services, and SIRIUS Internet radio.

The Zone Player 120 is a 55W-per-channel amplified player that includes two Ethernet ports, RCA analog outputs and a subwoofer output, and two speaker connectors.

The Zone Player 90 has no amplifier, two Ethernet ports, an analog RCA input for attaching a device such as a CD player, radio, or TV that can then be streamed to other Zone Player units; RCA analog output; and coaxial and optical digital outputs.

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