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Will be keeping an eye out for you in future projects. 9,even though the story mainly revolves around the female leads. 9 is a must watch for those who loves thriller with fantasy but depicts true and innocent love. hahaha....^_^ Gosh, wishing had a full frontal good looking manager, but nope! At first, I wasn't completely smitten, but after a few episodes, he crept into my heart. I wish he would have a great partner of life as he is too. : D p.s i would like to call you "hyung" because your kinda brother to me.He did a great role as a warm and caring doctor in Room No. I've seen him in other dramas but his role in Sweet Stranger stood out the most! I believe it is your time to shine now, your hard work is being noticed, you were fabulous in Lookout (The Guardian) and I was upset you had to die, but it was daebak on-the-seat-thrilling to watch. I look forward to your next projects, thank you for your hard work. I've got to know him in Pinocchio and then watched the Hot Young Blood. But in his current drama, The Secret Life of My Secretary, he is so cute and adorable hahaha and he is really makes me in love with him and his acting. You are so convincing of your not being able to recognize faces and your feelings for your secretary & Veronica.. Ya'll know, while watching Gogh, The Starry Night drama my mind going straight to strict manager at my office. we all ladies here not a single d*mn man landed at my office. I only got to know about you when I watched Pinocchio syndrome and since then I am always excited to watch it any movie you acted, though i don't really like your role in " The Guardians " but you were really cool More grease to your elbow.... I'm kinda sad on his latest movie, On Your Wedding but maybe it is the reality. The reporter from “Sports Seoul” claimed that Jung Tae Won would often pick up Soo Ae near her home and would drive off to enjoy their time together.She continued, “They did what any other couples do on dates.That's how we got past the first one, but starting with the second kiss scene, we did so without prior talk.""Actually, it was thought on set that the romance was happening too quickly.We wondered if we had to work on the other relationships with the people around us more, so we were surprised to hear that the viewers' reactions were more positive.

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Aspiring writer Hong Nan Hee (Soo Ae) knows nothing about baseball, but all she cares about is the fact that she’s dating Kim Jung Joo (Lee Tae Sung), a talented baseball pitcher who hopes to make it to the big leagues in America.

Soo Ae's management company Star J Entertainment CEO Jung Young-bum stated, "The report that Soo Ae and CEO Jung Tae-won are dating is untrue.

We will not avoid even legal action if these rumours continue to spread."Young-bum stressed the fact that there is no special relationship between the two by adding, "It wasn't just the two of them alone, there are other actors with them went they went for meals and wine sometimes."It was a scandal as CEO Jung Tae-won is a powerful figure in the entertainment industry who has produced dramas "Iris", "Athena: Goddess of War" as well as movie "Family's Honour" series and "Barefoot Kibong".

I think our timing in our thoughts did not match up."When asked about his dating style in real life, Kim Young Kwang said, "I'm close to the 'young man' type.

Sticking out my lips is like how I am in real life." It was also brought up that he never had a dating rumor since debuting.

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