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In addition, the collection features a full panoply of Buddhist ritual objects; several historically important manuscripts and manuscript covers round out the collection.See what's currently on view: The Himalayas and the Tibetan Buddhist World Comprising seven thousand works and spanning more than six thousand years, the Chinese collection ranks among the best outside of China and is the foundation of the museum’s world-renowned Avery Brundage Collection.

From Neolithic pieces to contemporary creations, more than eleven hundred artworks on display illustrate the creativity and richness of Chinese culture, offering a window into China’s past and present.

I silently communicated my uncomfortableness with the situation.

As soon as he understood I was not interested in cuddling or making out, he stopped talking to me and concentrated on watching TV. At last, he said he was sleepy, so I probably should go home.

It’s often said that Asian girls are shy, rarely say “no,” are easy to bring home. When I asked what he did for a living, along with other some personal questions, he avoided answering and instead redirected the conversation.

Time continued passing; he tried to make me sit directly next to him, and he reached out to touch my legs.

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