Speed dating in champaign illinois

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The Sun Singer wine shop has a nice restaurant space and a deli. Look for dance/yoga events at Krannert- poetry and fiction reading is happening at 28th Sep at the Krannert Art Museum Japan house never fails to be a bad dateclarke bar is a fantastic location for booze n chill. The stars look pretty if you go down to the south quad and lay in the grass at night.

There is an artists co-op next to Flesor's in Tuscola. See what's playing at the station theater an the Virginia Theater (old vaudeville theater with live music and older movies). Crystal lake park has those little paddle boat things you can take on the lake, or you can be immature and play on the playground like I did with my bf last weekend.

Here's my long standing list of food places to go around central illinois. In BLMI'd suggest going to the Pottery Place in Champaign. They have laser tag and like reflective lights and when the lights are down your clothes glow (white clothes and the likes). This subreddit is for anyone/anything related to UIUC.

Please keep in mind, locations are relative to Bloomington. Students, Alumni, Faculty, and Townies are all welcome.

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