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You see, the Netherlands is kind of the biggest of the small group.It turns out that they got to 28 percent after mailing every household in the country a letter, begging people to join this organ donation program.

We do so much in the kitchen, I thought this would be interesting.

"Check the box below if you want to participate in the organ donor program." And what happens? The countries on the right, the ones that give a lot, have a slightly different form.

It says, "Check the box below if you don't want to participate ..." Interestingly enough, when people get this, they again don't check, but now they join. You know, we wake up in the morning and we feel we make decisions.

I wrote a couple of chapters, and took it to MIT Press and they said, Until somebody said, "Look, if you're serious about this, you have to write about your research first; you have to publish something, then you'll get the opportunity to write something else.

If you really want to do it, you have to do it." So I said, "Okay, if I have to do it —" I had a sabbatical.

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