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Both him and his wife date women, but have never dated the same woman.

'That would be incredible if we did,' he said." -- Kari "After the beanie chick, I shifted to the left to a girl named Anna with a septum piercing, metal-head vest, and unruly auburn hair.

In an odd bit of juxtaposition, the live-action movie from the '90s was being projected on the far wall.

Everyone was also in agreement that the event itself was totally ridiculous.

'Keep a tally of how many agree and let me know how many you get at the end of the night! He agreed that that was a good use of our dating time and headed to the bar, where seemingly half of the other daters had had the same idea.

' she said as the song changed and our time ended." -- Brett At one point I was nursing half a warm sip of Tecate and I desperately looked at my date. Some were already coupling off including one of the friends I had brought along, heavily petting a mustachioed hipster in a dark corner." -- Kari "After the first two dates, the rest blurred together.

But it was my lack of metal expertise that was more intimidating." "I'm no metal head.

It's not that I don't like the genre -- I've been known to throw on the aggressive jam or two to pump me up and for a time in the mid-aughts thought System of a Down was the best band in the world -- but the heaviest music I play on the regular is the more hardcore leanings of Brand New's later discography.

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    He previously studied a Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Economics between 2006-2010 at the Universiyt of New England.

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    For a while she stood quietly, then started to shift from one foot to the other, and then stood up, turned to me and with his legs apart.