Sql server updating existing xml data using replace function

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We can do either insert, update, delete or append a value to the JSON string using this function.It takes three parameters, first parameter is JSON string, second parameter is path on which value needs to change and the third parameter is the value that needs to update.Using these functions, we can play around with the JSON object.Data in an Excel workbook can come from two different locations.Most of the modern services return the data in JSON text.It checks if the supplied NVARCHAR text input is in proper format according to JSON specification or not.We need to use the "AS JSON" option in column definition to specify which references the property that contains child JSON node is.

It is language independent, easy to understand and self-describing. JSON is a very popular data interchange format nowadays.We need to use NVARCHAR when we interact with JSON.There are many built-in functions available with SQL Server 2016, such as ISJSON, JSON_VALUE, JSON_QUERY, JSON_MODIFY, OPENJSON, and FOR JSON.Without this option, this function returns NULL value instead of child JSON object and also it returns a run time error in "strict" mode.All modern web applications support JSON and it is one of the well-known data interchange formats. There is no specific data type for JSON SQL Server like XML.

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