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The western most part of Iceland (Bjargtangar) and the eastern most part (Gerpir) are about 13 million years old.15 to 3 million years ago Endless eruptions were building up Iceland in those last 12 million years of Tertier.About 70 million years ago Greenland was south east from Iceland or at least south east from where Iceland is now.Even Iceland is the best place in the world to see where two continental plates are formed and drifted to both sides ... Greenland was moving slowly to North West and drifting over the hot spot that is under Iceland.An extended discussion on Iceland's history and prehistory until the present time.

Because that the Atlantic mid ocean ridge (and the ocean itself) was being formed.

It was Cuba weather in Iceland those 12 million years.

Average temperature in July (the warmest month of the year) was about 23 degrees celsius, lava field, forest, no glaciers, no valleys, no table mountain, flat lava fields with central volcanoes, calderas and possibly some shield volcanoes. so far the Ice Age has been divided into 30 cold periods and 30 warm periods.

Lot of animals was using this land-bridge and saying hello to the place where Iceland is today.

20-30 million years ago Because the drifting of the continents, because the new ocean floor formed constantly at the Atlantic mid ocean ridge the distance between Greenland and Scotland was getting longer and longer every year ... And 3 cm per year is about 300 kilometers in 10 million years. We do not know when this happened but most likely some 20 or 30 million years ago.

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