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Dupree coached Evans, who in 2003 went on to perform on hit television show an iconic show which has featured child stars-turned-megastars Aaliyah, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce.

Tiffany Evans ultimately winning the title of ‘Grand Champion in the Junior Singer Division.’ Evans’ stint on a summer concert series presented by BET which featured popular R&B, hip hop, and rap artists.

At the age of 9, Tiffany Evans made a memorable appearance on a vocal competition for amateurs.

During Tiffany’s young career she received considerable support from renowned manager and vocal coach, Sal Dupree.

More recently, Evans has proven her multi-talented abilities when she released the single “On Sight.” The single features popular rapper and Billboard chart-topper, Fetty Wap.

Evans’ collective experiences in the music and entertainment industry from a young age have molded and shaped her sound and stage presence.

“We will begin the national search immediately with the goal of having a new president in place in January.” Box will appoint a search committee to replace Kristin Williams, who is departing to become chancellor of the KCTCS.

The artist then famously recorded the song which featured the lead single, “I’ll Be There.” She later created an independent label, Little Lady Enterprises, and in 2011 she released the single, “Won’t Find Me,” accompanied by a video performance. I'm grown now (I'm grown) [Tiffany Evans:] I can't believe They tryna block me But you're still playing them games I thought you'd be Up in my lead But no, you can't compete Back up, don't touch Gotta give me 50 feet Cause I'm on another level I'm bringing things to life like I'm Gepetto This is the last time that I'm gonna tell you I'm doing it big now You want a piece Let it go [Repeat Bridge:] [Repeat Chorus:] [Bow Wow:] Aye, Tiff Yo big brother got you It's nothing You push one hand to the cloud Then back to the wind Bow and Tiff Evans is back at it again Yeah, ma You grown Go on and let you rims spin, yeah You got ya lil premieres These 50 lil days go on And let you paint drip (drip drip drip) Tell your parents don't trip And with ya girls Go on ya 'lil trips It's your world, lil mama It's your life to live Believe that [Tiffany Evans:] I'm not those girls you're used to dating I got a unique situation (I'll tell you the truth) You can travel the world But you'll never find someone (That does what I do) I'll have you open cause... She took a fall it was crucial Counted her out before they gave her a chance [To get up] The underdog, same as usual Everyones watching and the pressure, it just won't let up Tell me, I wantcha to, I wantcha to think that I [Drowning in myself] But baby no [Noo] After what I've been through Lesson learned, story told, I know that Chorus 1: Nothing is impossible Can't stop, won't stop, never gonna let it go See that, now I know, nothing is impossible Can't stop, won't stop, never gonna let it go Takin' back my self control Nothing is impossible Chorus 2: Nothings Impossible Impossible Impossible Nothin' is impossible Repeat Chorus 2 Tiffany: *I think* Difficulties, her position Ooo [What she gonna do makes, blown all outa context] Simple mistake, crucifiction Everyones watchin' And the Pressure, just what you'd expect Tell me, I wantcha too, I wantcha to think that I [Drowning in myself] But baby no, after what I've been through, lesson learned, story told, I know that [Repeat Chorus 1] Tiffany: Oooooaaaa Humans are bad I can be [Nobody's perfect, especially me] Oooo What you get is what you see [Not gonna let it, steal a thing from me] From me, from me, in perfect little me [Won't stop, won't stop, never gonna let it go] Never let it [Nothing is impossible, can't stop, won't stop] Noo noo-oo [Never gonna let it go] Yeeaaah [Nothing is impossible] Imposibaaauuuaaauuuaul [Can't stop, won't stop, neva gonna let it go, see that now i know] I KNOW!Evans was born into a large family; she is one of ten children and hails from Bronx, New York.No stranger to tough times, Evans was able to make a contribution to her struggling family at a young age after gaining the attention of producers during her performances in a number of TV shows.

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