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Pages outdated upon 3.0 release are incredibly numerous.In most cases, one or more of the following edits can or should happen: Here is a list of articles that need to be updated (on their real versions in mainspace) upon the release of 3.0. Articles marked with an asterisk (*) have updates available at Scratch Wiki:3.0 Articles/the article title, but: We don't want to have to make a second sweep to clean up all the weird grammar from tense changes.To counteract this, I don't propose forbidding welcomes entirely; what I instead think should be the case is that we have a limit on how many welcome messages can be on a talk page - probably around 4-5 at the most.That does mean it turns into a race as to who can get their message on first, but that can't be helped - if you want to get your message in, ya gotta be active at the right time. Maybe we could say if there are more than eight messages already, really don't put one, but if there are 4-5 try not to put your template, but a personal message is okay. While it may be a little intimidating, I look at it more as a great way to integrate yourself with the community immediately and meeting many of the people who you will be working with side-by-side.

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How would you feel if you created an account somewhere and you were confronted with a wall of "welcome"s?

Thinkest you that this is a suitable mission to embark upon?

Okay, I just created a page called User: Ten Type/Deleted Files, was scrolling through the Community Portal, and found this discussion.

So I thought that’s good but you do let look forward to the CP post because you know if you have been complimented.

I propose proposing compliments on a way no-one else can see apart from the organizer(s). Proposed new method: There are pros and cons to this...

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