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Apps are stuck loading on your i Phone, and it’s driving you crazy.

In this article, I’ll explain why your apps are stuck loading on your i Phone, how to fix stuck updating apps, and why you’re seeing the dreaded Loading… That’s why, if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi, your apps won’t finish downloading or they just keep saying Loading… Take it from me: This can be extremely frustrating, because you can tap on the app and it will alternate between Loading… If an app is stuck loading and your i Phone is connected to Wi-Fi, try to delete it and download it again from the App Store.

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To delete an app, press and hold on the app until it starts to wiggle, tap the small x that appears in the upper left-hand corner of the app, and tap Delete to get rid of it for good. This works a lot of the time, but sometimes the app doesn’t delete at all.

That’s when you’ll encounter what I like to call a is an app that you delete, but it doesn’t leave the home screen on your i Phone. Fortunately, the exorcism (excuse me, fix) is usually simple: The Ghost App can usually be removed by restarting the device, by the way.

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