Updating gt certification

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[Update]: NVIDIA Ge Force Hotfix Driver 355.80 Released, Fixes Windows 10 SLI Issues Following the upgrade to Windows 10, numerous users are reportedly facing issues with Nvidia drivers in the new operating system.

These problems range from driver installation errors to various display problems and are being faced due to conflicts between the automatic Windows 10 updates and Nvidia’s native driver system.

So I'm wondering, is it worth it to have it on your certificate?

After Windows 10 automatically updates the Nvidia graphics card drivers via Windows update, system’s display output crashes resulting in poor image rendering and stuttering issues while playing video games, report the folks at While the easiest way to try fixing this issue is to restart your computer after Windows Update is done installing video card drivers, here is another fix if rebooting is not working for you.

After users reported these driver conflict issues on Reddit and other forums, Nvidia released new drivers to fix the issue.

The thirty hours with yearly 6 hour updates are all that are required by the state at this time.

EVEN if you get the certification you have to also get the 30 hours and the yearly updates.

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