Updating php 4 to 5

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Remkus de Vries, Manager Partnerships and Word Press Community Liaison at Yoast, told me that for a long time, their team saw the number of installs to newer versions of PHP double as a percentage of the total.As a result of WHIP, along with the positive uptick in the number of PHP upgrades, the Servehappy project was launched in mid 2017.More recently, in early December Word Press core contributor Gary Pendergast proposed updating the minimum PHP versions.The plan, which Matt Mullenweg confirmed in his State of the Word at Word Camp US, will make PHP 5.6 the minimum required version for Word Press by April 2019, with PHP 7.0 becoming the minimum “as early as” December 2019.

According to the Word Press.org:“The immediate goal is to put in place supporting structure and site owner education/resources etc so that we can more actively reduce the number of existing active Word Press sites on older PHP EOL versions and thus improve security and performance of the web.”If the above hasn’t convinced, there’s more.

At Mail Poet, we firmly believe that all Word Press users should upgrade to the latest version of PHP as soon as possible.

Not only will upgrading instantly improve your site’s speed and performance, but it also provides security and compatibility benefits, too.

Not only is PHP 7.2 now officially listed as a recommended requirement to run Word Press, upgrading comes with loads of speed, performance, and security benefits.

If your site is running on an older version of PHP, updating to the latest version will give you immediate performance gains—more so than any tweaking around the edges of your Word Press site will provide you with.

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