Updating win98 to win98se updating mac os10 nano

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I could use VMWare for 98, but I virtualized my old XP box into Hyper-V and Hyper-V and VMWare don't play nice in the same sandbox.

I guess so - if only I knew which version was muggles using, exactly.

(This might be an intentional fault, since MS no longer supports older MS operating systems on Hyper-V.)I'm looking for any advice or help on hacking the VM hardware, possibly to remove/disable the PS/2 controller entirely.

In fact, I just did it this way for my Win XP, Win7 and Ubunutu Linux VMs.I'm trying to hack Windows 98 SE to run inside Hyper-V client on Windows 8.1.I've been able to complete setup successfully (with some finagling), but I run into a "Windows Protection Error" when Windows attempts to start for the first time.I was able to determine, almost by accident, that the mouse was the underlying issue.If I only used the keyboard and didn't touch the mouse (not even moving the cursor) then I would be able to complete setup.

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