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Hawaiian religion originated among the Tahitians and other Pacific islanders who landed in Hawaiʻi between 5 AD.

Offerings, sacrifices, and prayers were offered at these temples, the thousands of koʻa (shrines), a multitude of wahi pana (sacred places), and at small kuahu (altars) in individual homes.

Hawaiian religion encompasses the indigenous religious beliefs and practices of Native Hawaiians.

It is polytheistic and animistic, with a belief in many deities and spirits, including the belief that spirits are found in non-human beings and objects such as other animals, the waves, and the sky.

Nothing is impossible to god-spirits, akua." Kamehameha the Great died in 1819.

In the aftermath, two of his wives, Kaʻahumanu and Keōpūolani, then the two most powerful people in the kingdom, conferred with the kahuna nui, Hewahewa.

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