Validating form fields with javascript Adult telugu chat rooms

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The only difference is that now we want to check whether the email address looks like an email address.

We know that email addresses should include an @ symbol and end with a feasible domain name. Regular expressions are a programming language for parsing text.

To get started, we'll create an HTML page that include a form with the id "contact". It should contain an label, an input (or textarea), and a span that will contain the error message.

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The name of each input (or textarea) will be passed to the server to identify the contents of the form.If the data is valid the input box should be green.If the data is invalid, the input box should be red.Therefore, we'll create CSS classes to represent these possible outcomes.Now that we've created a working form, we need to add some j Query and Java Script to validate fields and change the CSS classes that were created earlier.

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