Validating sap

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This document explains the situations for FI Substitutions/Validations exclusively.The situations may or may not apply for substitutions and validations in other application areas Validation consists of perquisite, check and message.The Boolean class which was read from table GB31 will be used here.For application area FI and call-up point line item, the Boolean class is 09.The set up for the call-up points and which Boolean classes are used for FI Validations/Substitutions details can be found in table GB31 in the system.As seen above, the table has entries for other application areas also like Asset Management (AM), Controlling (CO) etc, but we will be only looking at the 5 entries for FI.Hence, when defining validations, only 3 call-up points will be available.For FI Substitutions, all 5 call-up points will be available, since, all the 5 entries have X in the GBSUBSTUSE field.

As seen, all fields (BCLFIELD = *) of table BKPF (BCLTAB = BKPF) are available (BEXCLUDE = blank) to be used in FI Validations (CLASSTYPE = B).Knowing the Boolean class for an application area and call-up point combination will be necessary for reading the table GB01, explained later.The fields GBVALUSE and GBSBSTUSE are used to define which call-up points will be used for Validations and Substitutions respectively.The RCLASS or WCLASS field can be referred to know the Boolean Class for an application area and call-up point.For example, for application area FR and call-up point 2 (Line Item), Boolean class is 009.

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