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Most importantly, Ivy team members assure clients that the right partner really is out there. “It’s probably what I’m most proud of: assembling a unique team of individuals who are the heart of Ivy.” Inga told us her team is very diverse and come from an array of cultural backgrounds — with 11 different nationalities on board.And, though the team may hail from different places around the globe, Inga said there is very much a family vibe present at Ivy International.

Executive and Premium Membership prices and details are discussed with clients only after a one-on-one meeting due to the personalized nature of these packages.

Since 2011, this highly trained matchmaker and entrepreneur has given more than 300 couples the keys to unlock fulfilling, romance-filled futures together.

“I think that if we can bring more happiness to people — especially to high-net-worth individuals who are influential and have power — then hopefully we can make a difference,” Inga said.

“The company culture within Ivy is like a family,” she said.

”We cook lunches together, we practice yoga together, and have quarterly team-building and training sessions in various parts of the world.” Inga and her team have been widely covered in the press for being thought leaders when it comes to exploring new approaches to high-end matchmaking.

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