What is a good christian dating site

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There are more women than men on these sites so it was strange to see this.Having met some of the men in person it is no surprise that they are still single.I tend to liken it to giving your details to a job agency, which is exactly where all the jobs are!' There were some comments about a shopping mentality and that selecting people to approach was choosing by appearance. Didn't like the person I became, 'boy shopping' based on photos and a few stats.Others wanted to see adverts that might appear filtered (even though these are usually under the control of their Web browser), and the remainder focused on expectations around responding to complaints.'I used another site and was attempted to be scammed three times, by men pretending to be Americans or Europeans working abroad, Christians, or working in the UK.

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They expressed that it was more natural to meet in person, or for eyes to meet across a room.

Fifteen said they preferred to meet Christians on non-Christian sites, because of: 'I found that there was a lot of passivity on these sites in comparison to non-Christian sites where men will initiate contact and make it clear if they are interested or not.

The Christian sites tend to reflect the same problems of the Church.' There were also suggestions for additional functionality.

'Seems to be the real dilemma between getting teaching in churches that suggests God has a plan for your life (including a possible partner) and then we need to wait on Him versus dating websites where you need to try and 'sell' yourself to potential candidates.

Takes a lot of energy and courage.''I have personally been selective about who I have told, because some Christians I know disapprove and think that if it's God's will, it should happen without us being pro-active like that, especially as a woman…

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