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UPDATE: We no longer suggest ‘make money type dating programs here’ and in cases where we have in the past we have updated those with better opportunities.Dating is a FLOODED business and you’ll make 10x’s as much money promoting your own cam sites!(At the time I was considering white label like solutions).I reached out and spoke with someone who claimed to be a partner manager at their main office.Reams of fake profiles and yet more reams of fake profiles. Planet Rock like you l thought l might find my own Pattie smith!!!! I joined planet rock dating, as I love the genre and wanted to find like minded women. The profiles are PAINFULLY fake, many with one photo, and generic messages sent to the user. I had a conversation, at length, with a woman who just wanted tips on how to start a band. I wondered why there were so many winks - now I know why - all messages are prechecked by the support team - anything even remotely even hinting at a little innuendo is blocked!You will be strung along without even realising it, just like the other rubbish out there. As a basic member you can't read or reply to messages. Don't even try to write a diary entry about how your pics are rejected because you're wearing a tshirt! Read Full Review Written on: 08/08/2017 I've been looking into the Planet Rock dating site after I quickly withdrew from 'Zoosk' for exactly the same reasons.

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Cut out the middle man and set up your own cams site here and come thank me in 6 months!If you want a business opportunity the truth is dating is about the least profitable and most flooded opportunity out there.That’s why even this site plugs cams in their ads which you get no income from.That being said, I overlooked these demeanor elements and had high hopes that the solution itself would be worth the lack of a true ‘service first’, mentality. By this time I am thinking clearly there are some big red flags for partnering my business with this company, but yet I still kept an open mind wanting to at least give this solution a thorough chance to see if it was a good fit.So off I went…I took first steps to move our urls and get a plan put together to get our sites started so we could start brand building. My thoughts at that point were that, perhaps their systems were so good they can afford to have this, “You come to us mentality”.

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