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I went on a date the other night, and the guy kept texting me. Everything isn't permanent, so don't pretend that it is. In your 30s, you're more like, "I'm cool with being who I am." Then when you're 40, you're like, "I'm not worried about any of this shit.

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I didn't want another show with the same format every night: a monologue, then a celebrity guest. Jay Leno once told me, "Don't ever do a stand-up special unless you're ready to retire that material." Toward the end of my show, I decided I'm going to do a special for Netflix — that was the first part of my deal — and then I'm done with stand-up. But dishonesty is a deal breaker for me, in a friendship or with a boyfriend. Listen, if you keep doing something that's comfortable and secure, what does that really say about you? I think you go through a period in your 20s when you're trying to figure out who you are and how you want to present yourself.

It's just a matter of finding a guy who's able to deal with it."I thought it was important to get through the period when everyone pressures you to get married without falling prey to it. If I prolonged that decision until I was 40 and making better choices, I thought I'd be in a better position to make that commitment.

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